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The Blessing Of God's Justice


Series: Blessed To Be A Blessing

Passage: Genesis 18:16-33

Speaker: Pastor Jason Purdy

We all have an innate sense of justice based on what we believe is right and wrong. The problem is, we naturally try to determine right and wrong for ourselves and for others around us. As God tells Abraham his plan to judge the wicked city of Sodom, Abraham has to consider what is truly just, and how God's justice and grace can coexist, which speaks to the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Main Points:
1. God Favors The Righteous And Teaches Them Justice
2. God's Justice Will Only Punish The Guilty
3. On Our Own, We Are All Guilty
4. In Light Of The Cross, God Is Both Just And The Justifier Of The Guilty Who Trust In Him
5. In Light Of Your Mortality, Trust Jesus Today