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The Blessings Of God's Mercy


Series: Blessed To Be A Blessing

Passage: Genesis 19:1-21

Speaker: Pastor Jason Purdy

In our day, most are more inclined to focus on some of God's characteristics and not others. We tend to neglect some characteristics leading us to believe God exists for us and our desires more than us existing for Him and His glory. In this sermon, we come face to face with the holy God who judges sin and evil. His purposes of judgment and mercy create a repentant people who are mercifully saved from His judgment to walk in the fear of the Lord and keep themselves from the evil and sin of the present generation.
Main Points:
1. Sinful Desire Starts Small But Grows Violently Like Wildfire
2. Embrace God's Mercy In Light Of His Judgment
3. Do Not Wish To Return
4. In Light Of Your Sin, Turn Toward God Not Away