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The Profile of a Faithful Pastor


Series: In View Of Call Weekend Messages by Pastor Brian Gunter

Speaker: Pastor Brian Gunter

1 Peter 5:1-5
The Profile of a Faithful Pastor  
I. 3 Words to Describe Him (v.1-2a):

            1. Elder: he possesses spiritual maturity and trustworthy character
            2. Shepherd: he labors to lead, feed, and protect God’s people
            3. Overseer: he cares for souls by providing wise council and biblical guidance
II. His Motivation (v.2b):
            Willing to Answer the Call
III. His Attitude (v.2c):
            Eager to Serve
IV. His Leadership (v.3):
            Setting the Example
V. His Reward (v.4):
            The Crown of Glory
VI. His Congregation (v.5):
            Humbly Submitting to Pastoral Leadership