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In Light Of Gospel Blessings


Series: Blessed To Be A Blessing

Passage: Genesis 13:1-18

Speaker: Pastor Jason Purdy

Have you ever made a big decision only to find out later that you were not seeing the whole picture? It seemed so right at the time, but a little way into it, you wish you could have known what you know now. This Sunday, Abram has made it back to the promised land and has a big decision to make regarding his family. We will explore through this passage how God calls us to walk by faith and not by sight. Only by walking in faith, do we have enough light to truly see and walk in the way God calls us.
Main Points:
1. In Light Of Gospel Blessings, You Can Begin Again
2. In Light Of Gospel Blessings, You Can Have Open Hands And An Open Heart
3. In Light Of Gospel Blessings, You Can Walk By Faith And Not By Sight